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About this blog

Hey everyone! :D
With the release of the UDOO-BOLT-V8 by UDOO within the past year, I figured I might get one for Myself and share My overall experience. Why? Because I think I've mentioned in a previous status update a while ago that I want to try Linux. So... I guess now is the time to finally become a Linux Noob/Noobie! And also because the board itself looks amazing! Haha!



For anyone who doesn't know what a UDOO-BOLT-V8 (or V3 (Read the Kickstarter below to see the differences)) actually is, it's a Single Board Computer (SBC) with a Ryzen CPU, an AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU, support for 32GB RAM (DDR4) up to 2400MHz and many other features like 4K-Video, 60FPS, Windows 10 and Linux support and more.


Here's the link for anyone who's curious about the rest of the specs and the overall campaign by UDOO:




Entries in this blog


PART-1 | The beginning of Linux / Ubuntu

Going back onto the main topic of the blog though, I decided that I'm gonna use Linux for the very first time in My life on this UDOO-BOLT-V8 only! I've been using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 for the majority of My life which have served Me well but I figured Hey!, why not try Linux as I had similarly said above. For those are curious, I've decided to install Ubuntu for now..., but I'm gonna be doing a ton of customising which will include some daily updates he