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About this blog

This is the blog where I will post the daily updates for The Summer Folding Sprint, this is where you can come see them all in one easy to digest place. A little commentary with the daily stats, ready to be assimilated into your mind! 


Happy Folding,



Entries in this blog


Award Ceremony

So guys here I will run through the number generator and post you here with a tag, please be aware that you have 72 hours to DM me to redeem your steam key.   7. @Yabdat   12. @TVwazhere   9. @RollinLower   22. @Ziffer777   26. @YBPT   Once again you have 72 hours, if you do not want a key please let me know in the comments then I can re-roll your number.    I'm not sure how @Den-Fi is doing his giveaway, hopefully he can let us know here.    Once again, Happy Folding folks,   Ben.

Day Seven - Finale

Well guys here, we are, the end of the week but we didn't hit our goal of getting 10th, but we will get there, just keep folding.    First place - The crown once again rests on the head of The King, very much as expected. @Den-Fi you are a god walking amongst us, you sailed right through the event without a care in the world. We all Raise a glass to you and your Crunching prowess.   Second place - We have @miker07 talking the second step on the podium, well done to you man, our new comer, you walked onto the field and smashed the ball right out the stadium. I hope you continue to fold on my friend.    Third Place - Third place is taken by the man consuming heavy metals, his brain is probably mashed by all the lead in his veins and the doctors cant work why he weighs as much as he does. But with a little help from the workplace he has pushed on through taking the lowest rung on the podium, our hats go off to you.    4. @Gorgon once again showing just what a healthy obsession looks like, fold on man, thank you for all the help, it is very much appreciated.    5. @_Rlocke Sitting is 5th I am left asking, where did all the steam go from the folding month, and can you gain it back for the next folding month in November.    6. @Ben Quigley Finding myself sitting in 6th place makes me pretty proud, Giving a good lead on the guy behind me.    7. @Yabdat gave a good performance and found himself sitting in the number 6 position, I'm sure he will be quite happy with that result.    8. @Corrupt_Liberty Another new guy in the mix and another top 10 spot, you did yourself well.    9. @RollinLower Taking the number 9 spot, don't forget to keep folding, Hopefully you can bag yourself another GPU before November.    10. @porina I have to say your aquatic landing went smoothly, you stormed up those beaches with an army of FPUs and shows them proteins just who was boss, good to see your plan(That you really did have laid out) worked smoothly.    And thats it folks for the top ten, I will be doing the raffle for the steam keys in around 16 hours from now, I will tag anyone who wins and you will have 72 Hours to DM me to receive your key, if you don't get in contact by that point I will re raffle your key to someone else. You can not win two games, only one per person, if you number comes up on the RNG twice it will be re-rolled.        I really am so glad you all got invoked, even if we didn't smash our goal we are well on our way.    Happy Folding,   Ben.  

Day Five - Production Soars!

Well guys, it looks like production is soaring high! That is a good thing!   In first, once again as wholly expected by this point we have the king, @Den-Fi with 47.1 million points, He looks to have hit his stride and is quite comfortable, but with @miker07 only 3m points behind, holding second with 44.1 million points, is he too comfortable. @leadeater continues to hold onto them Tesla cards showing 33.2 million points leading him to holding on the third position, Not far behind that mark @Gorgon finds himself in fourth with 29.9 million points, the divide between forth and fifth is huge, with @_Rlocke taking fifth with only 18 million points. @Ben Quigley continues to hold onto 6th place with 15m points, in 7th we have @Yabdat with 11.8m points, 8th is taken by @Corrupt_Liberty with the smallest of divides, he sees himself with 11.7m points. in 9th we can see @DUW1G1T is still stagnant in his production but with 10.5m points hes still going to have a good final showing, and finally in 10th we have @RollinLower with 9.9m points.   It has to be said, @porina looks poised to strike with his aquatic invasion of the top 10, Rollinlower also looks like hes going to be moving up in the world too. The king finds himself in a somewhat precarious position still, with such a small lead Miker really could take the wind outta his sails. For the most part things are looking pretty set, with only a little potential upset here and there, Its kinda nice to be able to take a breather and actually appreciate the beauty of what we are achieving here. Because, we all need to remember, friendly competition aside, all of this is in the name of the betterment of mankind.       Happy Folding,   Ben.

Day Four - Funny Business

Well, it is day four, we are now over half way through the week. Oh, how times flies when your having fun Stressing over spreadsheets and time-zones.    So over the last 24 hours or so We have seen some movement in the bard, so why not let us go take a look!   In first, as expected, we have the king! @Den-Fi is holding onto poll position, ready to defend his crown, with 38.7 million points, @miker07 seems to be faltering, with the gap widening as he only has 35.8 million! @leadeater seems to be maintaining his production and is sitting in a precarious position in third with 26.3 million points. @Gorgon isn't far behind with 24.1m points. @_Rlocke Is maintaining pace and is sitting in fifth place with 14.3m points, @Ben Quigley has managed to push himself up the table to sixth place with 12.1m as @DUW1G1T seems to have taken a breather!! Being knocked down to 7th place with 10.5m. @Corrupt_Liberty has in fact managed his feat of acrobatics and has leapfrogged @Yabdat to take 8th place with 9.8m points to his name. In 10th we have @RollinLower with 8.1m points.    Mr liberty managed his leapfrog manoeuvre, but the question remains, with such a small gap can he maintain the pace long enough to secure the position, Will DUW1G1T manage to pick up steam again and take 6th place away from Ben, Will the keep keep his crown and most importantly, how long can the eater of heavy metals maintain his subterfuge and keep them Tesla's crunching... Porina looks ready to start his own small D-Day, looking to invade the beaches of the top 10, will he manage to breach Rollin's fortification, or will he be pushed back into the fishy depths that he hails from... We will see.      Guys, remember, there's no playing fair in this game, so get every core and accelerator you can, your mums old laptop, your gaming GPU from 3 generations ago, hell rent some CPU time if you have the funds! But remember too always be responsible, only fold on hardware you have permission to do so(or wont get caught ) and have fun.    Happy folding,   Ben.

Day Three - In The Trenches

Well guys, yet another super super late blog... Most of you already know I fell asleep at my PC last night.   All of our participants are seeing themselves in the trenches, stalemated with one another, unable to pass through no mans land in order to break the deadlock.   In first place we have the king @Den-Fi with 30.7m points, @miker07 isnt too far behind the mark there with 28.2m points, if only he could fine a little more power he may even be able to knock the king from the throne, in third place we have @leadeater with 19.7 million, but can he keep it up, or are his bosses getting wise. Forth place is held by @Gorgon with 17.9m points, he has a comfortable lead over @_Rlocke who is currently sitting in fifth place with 11.3m points. 6th place is help by @DUW1G1T who has 10.3m points, right on his tail is @Ben Quigley with 9.7m points. @Yabdat has some ground to make up if he is wanting to take over into 7th, holding only 8.1m points. @Corrupt_Liberty could see himself leapfrog into 8th is only he can push his rigs that tiny bit more. @RollinLower has manage to hold onto that number 10 spot with 6.4m points in the bag so far.   Will miker take the crown, does he have the endurance, the steel to keep pushing his rigs this hard? Can Ben take 6th, all he would need is a few percent of a boost to do it. Will leadeater be left with heavy metal poisoning when the boss takes them sweet Teslas from him? Can porina make his own operation neptune work out and land himself on the beaches of the top 10... Only time will tell for our fishy friend.   I just really want to thank you all for getting involved!   Happy folding,   Ben.

Day Two - The Fight Is On

Well guys its been an exciting 24 hours!     The king @Den-Fi continues to hold onto first with 22.7m points, But we have a challenger, @miker07 who is holding onto 2nd with 20.7m has surpassed the king in production, but can he maintain this to take the crown? @leadeater is the last in the top 3 with 12.6 million, with such a huge opening in front of him he must be questioning himself, wondering if there is any way he can progress further. In 4th we have @Gorgon with 12.2m points, behind Mr Gorgon we have yet another massive gap before @_Rlocke comes past with 73.9m.      Sorry for the short post everyone.   Happy Folding,   Ben.

Day One - In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing but machine, man, and ranks!    This is just a PSA for the new guys here, the folding team is a small close knit community, so here's a few things I'd like you all to keep in mind. It doesn't hurt to say thank you, if someone has genuinely helped you out don't forget to drop a reaction on their posts, help others where ever you can and finally we are a team first and always.    It has been some time since I has to write a daily report, so bare with me, sit back and enjoy.    In first place, with not a single modicum of surprise we see @Den-Fi, the glorious king with slightly over 11m points, trailing behind with quite a gap already open is @miker07 with 8.4m points, Another large opening can be seen in front of @leadeater who currently has 6.1m points. @Gorgon finds himself just scraping behind the heavy metal eater with 5.9m points, We see yet another sizeable gap between fourth and fifth which is held by @DUW1G1T with 3.7m, but finds himself feeling a little paranoid, keeping an eye on the rear as @_Rlocke is just oh so close, practically nipping at the mans heels with 3.5m points. @Ben Quigley is that close to seventh place he must be asking himself, can the locke be picked. @Yabdat seems to be looking like he wants to give Ben a run for his money with 3.1m, but will he have the horses to overtake on the outside. In ninth we have @Corrupt_Liberty with 2.9m, @RollinLower looks like hes taking a breather already with 2.2m points.       Thanks for participating in the event!    Happy folding, Ben.

Day Zero - Prelude

Well guys,    Here we are again, another folding event another blog written by yours truly! Lets hope we can hit our goal of hitting 10th before the week is out!   First off, thank you to everyone who has signed up and is folding hard, remember we are folding as a team first, and for personal glory second, be kind, be friendly and please, let thy GPUs scream for mercy!   We have 30 participants signed up for this mini folding event, From the legendary @Den-Fi, it is so kind that his royal highness has graced us with his presence once again. To the newcomers in LTTs folding events such as @Corrupt_Liberty, @Hexagon, @justpoet, @mattheginger, @miker07 and@Skylake_TheMeme.   Its good to see some new names around here, hope you have a good time, please do let us know if we can help you and I'm sure the community will be more than willing to assist.    Do remember that there are 5 random steam keys up for grabs and a grand prize provided by His Royal Highness of 50USD on steam(to be awarded to a random participant in the top 25), Please make sure we all say thank you to the man himself.    If you want to know about future events don't forget to sign up for out Distributed Computing 'Newsletter'. Where I will message you guys about any upcoming DC events.   The full lineup is as follows;   Will The King take the crown again, or can anyone challenge him, @_Rlocke tried to give him a run for his money during the folding month 2018, can he pull the same rabbit out of the hat?  Can @Ben Quigley get into the top 5 for the sprint, as he fell at the last hurdle during the marathon that is the folding month. @TVwazhere Will be looking to prove himself after the great showing during last years event. Will @MillerPanda manage to get a safe top quarter finish this time around?    As you can see, many of us have much to prove, but only one person can be crowned, the questino has to be asked... Can The King be challenged.    Happy folding,    Ben.