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About this blog

So I've been planing on doing a custom desk pc for a while but never could make up my mind. At the end of last year my company bought a water jet, and am going to use that to build one, and thought I'd do a build log. The water jet will let me cut in any material, any thickness, any image or design, and with very high accuacy (.0015"). So the only limit now is my imagination 

I've started catering materials, now all I have to do is design i, and I can start the build. open to any neat ideals or thoughts any one has l. 

Also never have done a build log or a blog so not even sure if a build log is even a thing or of I'm doing this blog thing right. 

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desk lay out

After a few days of measuring and planning in my head I think I've came up with a layout that will work and looks visually appealing to me. The two boxes on the bottom are for drive bays and i have about 4 extra inches in the back in case I need to make it wider or for cable management. I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory. If anybody sees any reason why this won't work or any reason they think it would look like s*** let me know. 



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