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My humble beginnings




So seeing as this is my first blog post, I though that it only seemed fit to use it to explain how I got into PCs and how I have changed since. So the first time I really used a PC a lot was probably 2006 when I was addicted to none other than crappy old Facebook games. The game I was addicted to was, just to be the worst possible, Farmville. I couldn't be away from it for more than 8 hours and I would get genuinely upset if a computer was too slow to run it. From that I went into Minecraft for about 3 years and got obsessed with computers that were able to run all the 256x256 texture packs and kept telling my dad "I need a faster computer so that I can run Minecraft with no lag and run the texture packs." From that I evolved into playing CoD on the PS3 which became my thing for 3 years and then I fell head first into PC gaming, and the rest.....IS HISTORY. -T.E.C



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