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I think keyboards hate me today



This evening I was just opening my Start Menu to open Firefox, when my trusty 20-year-old Microsoft Internet Keyboard decided it wanted to search "444444444444444" on its own. I was a little confused at first, but I decided to just brush it off as me probably pressing the key without noticing. I opened the Start Menu again, and right away, it says "666666666666" in the search box. At this point I'm afraid someone might've managed to get access to my computer despite how much I do about security, so I yanked out my Ethernet cable so hard I broke the clip off the connector. (remember, I was panicking.) 


I decided to do a little more investigating (also known as opening Notepad and seeing what happens) and just like before, it started repeatedly writing the number 4 on its own, and it started doing the same with the number 6 whenever I pressed any key. Fortunately this was a fairly easy fix, as the rubber domes on this keyboard aren't connected by a membrane, so you can just pop them off and clean them. After doing that, it's back to being the invincible hunk of plastic it was before. There's simply no way to kill this keyboard, especially because it's similar to the IBM Model M in the sense that it's so sturdy you could probably murder someone with it. Hey, that gives me an idea...


Of course, one keyboard-related issue isn't enough for me, so tonight as I was writing a blog entry about a forgotten IBM product I've been wanting to do for a long time, the space bar of my good old Acer Aspire 5517 flew across the room. I have no clue how the events leading up to this ever led up to it, but the space bar ended up getting jammed underneath the first row, something I took a picture of because I'd never seen before. Little did I know that pressing down the B key would launch the space bar off behind me. Fortunately I moved out of the way as fast as I could because being blind in one eye doesn't sound like the most appealing thing to me. With this one I really can't say I'm surprised about the keyboard doing this, as it's the device I've probably written the most words on throughout my life. I already have plans to replace the keyboard, because I find old-school laptop keyboards infinitely better than today's cash register-inspired laptop keyboard bullshit.


That's about it for tonight. Stay safe, you never know what harm a rogue laptop keyboard may try to inflict on you.


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