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need some advice on mouse & keyboard


so.. i've come to the point where both my keyboard and mouse are really in need of replacement..


my current setup is a logitech G110 keyboard and logitech G500 mouse.

the keyboard is extremely worn, and some keys are (finally) starting to fade, specifically the "-" key on the numpad.


both keyboard and mouse have been fully dismantled for repairs or cleaning more times than i can recall, they've been taken good care of, but its really time for something new..


comes down to this:


- they dont need to be logitech (but that *is* my preference), but i require both the keyboard and mouse to use the same software utility (logitech G, or equivalent)

- i want an amount of programmable keys on my keyboard, like the "G" keys on my current keyboard. i need to be able to assign keypresses, mouse button presses, and repeated pressed (for example, spam left click spam or F key spam) to these, being able to lua script more functions is a very welcome bonus.

- per-key RGB backlight is something i've been craving for a while, to assist with game hotkey layout specificly

- i dont care about switch type much.. but clicky is an absolute no. the more quiet the better.

- the mouse side of things must have detailed DPI settings, some programmable keys are a welcome addition, and logitech's "hyper-fast scroll" has become quite a habit for me.


basicly, it's time for an upgrade, i'm not very inclined to give up on features i became used to, and i've had the same peripherals for so long i've become rather "unaware" of what's out there.

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