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Fun with Power Supplies, adapter cables, and video cards


So, I have a nice Dell PowerEdge T310 server.

Comes with a 375 watt power supply (single, there are dual 400 watt options, but I don't have those) with custom connections, naturally.

The only standard connection is a spare SATA power plug.

There exists SATA to 6-pin power plug for a video card. So I have two questions:


(1) Suggest an nVidia GFX card that uses 1 6-pin power connection that doesn't exceed the 375 watt power supply in the server (assuming one exists....the max draw off the PCIe slot is 25 watts so extra power must come from the adapter cable)

(2) Is it even a good/wise idea to use such an adapter?


For reference, here is the power supply


So rise up, all ye lost ones, as one, we'll claw the clouds

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