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netflix causes pc to lag

so i ran in this weird bug. when opening netflix via the browser(chrome) my pc start to lag. not only the movie that's playing but the entire pc. when i move my mouse it goes in like 5fps. now normaly this means there is to much load on the cpu or ram. but this is all fine and not even above 50%. and i'm sure it is netflix because directly after closing netflix the laging is over. so i'm really wondering what is causing this. 

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I have been having the same issue i fixed it by turning the mtu size down for my subinterface i set it 1400 but i would recomend that you experment with to find what work with you i would take you current and just step down little by little if you do not know how to set your mtu here is a quick guide
1. get to cmd or powershell as admin
1a. win 10 use the win key and x then click powershell (admin)
1b. win 7 win key type cmd then shift enter to run as admin
2.type netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface
3. find the Subinterface that you use going to be the one that has the most bytes in and out if you dont have any thing else like a nas or somthing
4.Type netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “interface” mtu=MTUsize store=persistent just replace interface with the subinterface that you use and MTUsize with the size you would like
just to let you know that you whant your mtu size equal across the board that means your isp, modem, router, switches, coumputers ect... if you call you isp they will most of the time just tell you what the mtu is. if the not comcast ;D if you have any more question pm me i might just reply if im not busy also most of the time the isp going to set the mtu to 1500 so that might be a place to start if you lower then that its just a matter of finding the right setting PLZ TAKE NOTE OF YOUR DEFAULT SETTING IF YOU MESS SOMTHING UP REVERT TO THAT SETTING.
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