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Graphics Card Stopped Working (R9 390)


Hi all, wondering if anyone can help with my graphics card issue.


System Spec:

CPU - i5 6600k

GPU - Sapphire Nitro R9 390

RAM - 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengence DDR4

Mobo - Asus Z170-A

PSU - EVGA G2 650W

OS - Windows 10 (Home)



  • all working under normal use
  • power cut, system powers down
  • restart system, no display signal
  • graphcis card doesn't seem to be powered on
  • fans aren't spinning (although often don't at lower temps)
  • no signal to monitor from any ports on GPU
  • rest of PC works fine using graphics port on motherboard

Already tried:

  • restarting system
  • using different cable for display (not the issue since built-in graphics work)
  • changing PCI slot on mobo
  • removing GPU, cleaning CPU + mobo with compressed air
  • installing latest AMD drivers
  • removing all AMD graphics drivers & reinstalling
  • resetting Windows

When installing the latest graphics drivers I get "Error 173 – AMD Installer Cannot Continue Since AMD Graphics Hardware Was Not Found", and the GPU is not listed under the device manager on Windows either.


Clearly the system isn't recognising the GPU, is there anything I can maybe do at BIOS level to see if the GPU is recognised?

Could it be a power supply issue with that single part? (seems unlikely since everything else works)

Maybe a motherboard issue? (also seems unlikely since the issue is for both PCI slots that the GPU can use)


If anyone has any ideas it would be hugely appreciated! Really can't afford to replace a GPU this holiday season.


Many thanks.

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