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Random Lines and bars on screen... Fixed by reboot?


Hello, I have a Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and one week ago NVidia just released a new driver update. After the update, boths of my screens started to blink as usual, but after the last blink, my main screen (a TV connected by HDMI->HDMI) has random lines bars appearing in all the screen, from left to right, just like if the HDMI Cable had problems, but it started to happen just after the Driver update.

After a researching, I did just rebooted the system and when it comes back, no problem at all. In fact, I didn't have any problem until today, when the screen does the same as one week before, but guess that, I fixed it with a system reboot.

It's supper strange. The Lines are like black to gray (or even light gray), and they appears as less than a second, and only occurs in my main screen, the another one (a Touch Screen connected by DP->HDMI) has no problem at all in any time.


I think that it could be a Driver issue, but Nvidia hasn't released any new patch. Also, this problem rarely occurs, as I only had two times with it.


The installed version of my driver is 416.94 (Released in 13/11/2018)


I hope to not to be the only one with this problem, I prefer to be a failure driver instead of a broke HDMI or even a Broke GPU

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