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Is it ok to idle in 40's and occasionally 50c set to performance mode

Turtle Rig

My clock speed is set to max on vram and core is 918Mhz but my 2D is smooth blazin.  So ya is it ok or not basically ?


My 2D is soo freakin smooth and fast out of no where.  So I go wtf, I have not seen this kind of smoothness and performance in my life on 2D.  So then I realized that "my graphics suddenly is on high clock speed by itself and stuck there.  I can play games with option set to optimal power and it was working fine and would clock down in 2D not anymore.  So then I tied the 2 together.  The fact that my 2D is sick now is because of the high clock speed issue Im having which I didn't even ask for.  So things happen for a reason guys.  Lets all enjoy the journey,, with uncle billy.  thanks

Asus Sabertooth x79 / 4930k @ 4500 @ 1.408v / Gigabyte WF 2080 RTX / Corsair VG 64GB @ 1866 & AX1600i & H115i Pro @ 2x Noctua NF-A14 / Carbide 330r Blackout

Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface / KRK Rokits 10" / Sennheiser HD 650 / Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse & G915 Linear & G935 & C920 / SL 88 Grand / Cakewalk / NF-A14 Int P12 Ex
AOC 40" 4k Curved / LG 55" OLED C9 120hz / LaCie Porsche Design 2TB & 500GB / Samsung 950 Pro 500GB / 850 Pro 500GB / Crucial m4 500GB / Asus M.2 Card

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