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Barn Systems: Receiver and Speakers


Needs some advice.


I am looking to wire the lower level of a barn designed for cocktail hour / wedding receptions. Upstairs will have the DJ and dance floor etc but i would like to install a sound systems downstairs (approx 2,000sqft) to play background music, etc. Features like Wi-Fi, BT, HEOS, Airplay sound great and this needs to be a wired system. Ultimately i am look for good crisp sound. Also, ideally i would like to have 8 speakers inside (including 1 in each bathroom) and 2 speakers outside but could probably get away with 6 speakers inside and 2 out. 


Crutchfield recently recommended the following and i bought the Denon 4400 but i have been reading some mixed reviews. I do not intend to turn his into a home theater systems so simply looking for the best Amp to run crisp sound. For the price ($899), the 4400 looked like a good deal but i will await some feedback on whether i should return it or not. 


Secondly, depending on the Amp you recommend, what speakers should be paired with it? Genre of music will be country, rock, classical, etc. I do not have interest in large subs or bass. 


714RB61IIB   Klipsch RB-61II BK (pair) Bookshelf speakers (x8)
033AVX4400   Denon AVR-X4400H Dolby Atmos home thtr rcvr w.HEOS (x1)
714AW400     Klipsch AW-400 Outdoor Speakers (x2)


Thank you in advance.

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