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Monitor upgrade question!

Zaros Nozara

I currently have a Samsung u28e590d 3840 x 2160 60hz FreeSync monitor. I play both MMO's and shooters. Mostly shooters recently. I want to get another monitor anyways for viewing chat when I stream, or reading things in queue.
There is currently a sell on the Dell S2716DGR for $350 it's a 27 in 1440p 144hz 1ms g-sync TN monitor. It says the normal retail value is $600. I've seen used listing sell at $300 on ebay though. I checked out the 144hz 1080p monitors and they are all like $250 anyways this monitor kind of future proofs me for a while imo.

My current setup is: 16GB RAM

                                1060 6gb
                                ryzen 5 1600

Another option is just to buy a new AMD GPU for around the same price and sell my 1060, but all of the Vega 56 have bad reviews from what I have seen? 

Thoughts? Do you guys think it's worth it to buy this monitor? 
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