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What to pair with my strix 980 ti oc. I think.

Hi guys. Recently I had the opportunity to get an gtx 980 ti strix model triple fan design if u need to know that. I currently have a Lenovo y700 (gaming laptop) lol it's the m3500x one and it's not as good as I'd like as I want the ability to upgrade and I have an m2 ssd if I can remove from it for my new rig if possible As It didn't come  with it I installed it . I'll be selling the laptop for around 400 pounds as it's only months old and I've a buyer lined up. So my question is. What motherboard.  Cpu. Ram power supply no case needed as I'd be modding an old for a sleeper style 1080p monitor if needed I've a tv lol.jk...  if u recommend a good case within budget I'd look into it so i have my grafix card and possibly an m2ssd and I've 400 great British pounds plus possibly another 200 from my wife for Christmas. What should I get i love gaming and don't do much video editing or such. Gta5 and the higer end titles are what I would usualy play. I'd also probably look into another grafix card in sli some time down the line if pos. So again 

I have 


M2ssd 500 gb.

Need cpu (ryzen or Intel whatever is better for me)

Cooling pref flxi tube water cooling but can be added later and use stock if not in budget.

Motherboard  would like thunderbolt but not essential same as usb type c  but not essential 

Power supply 80+ bronze at least. 

Rgb fans of pos too but fans none the less. 

1080p monitor larger the better. Or a better one if possible. 


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