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unexpected stutters in pubg and low framerate in bf1


so i bought an old oem which had i5 2400s and upgraded to a i7 2600, and found that the perfect match was a 1060 so I got a 1060 ph asus 3gb. esports games run accordingly well, I was optimistic on having good framerate in more demanding games according to videos I saw on youtube. Story much different here. Pubg has random weird micro stutter, when its not stuttering (rare cases) I have roughly 60 fps in school, ~65 in empty fields. It resolves itself when I put graphics quality to vlow, but whats the point? I bought the 1060 to run ultra 60fps. The only issue there is stutter.
About bf1, I have no idea why its running in such low framerate, on some vids i saw multiplayer ranging 70 80 fps ultra, i run barely 50 fps on medium settings, same across all maps, and it just slightly dips to 40s in most intense cases, but no rough stutter. In msi afterburner i saw my gpu at about 60 70 usage when HT on cpu enabled, 40 50 HT disabled (I disable HT when i play anything else than bf1), and I sorta dont see much difference.

I got 12gb ram 1600 mhz, gpu is overclocked to 2100mhz (depending on ambient temps it drops 30-50mhz sometimes)

Here are some vids of people with adequate fps:

Here is a problem aswell I got in rust, annoying as hell, pubg is similiar (not as harsh as here but you get the idea, its annoying): **WHEN I'M NOT MOVING IN GAME, I AM MOVING MY MOUSE CONSTANTLY SO YOU GET THE IDEA OF STUTTERING**


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