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Is a 120hz Panel Without G-Sync Worth it?


I'm considering getting a high refresh panel for my setup, but a G-Sync model is completely out of question for my budget (and its availability where I live) so I'm debating whether I should get a non G-Sync one anyway or go for a 1440p 60hz instead. Any input would be appreciated!

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120Hz non-G-sync will benefit you much more than 60Hz G-Sync particularly for gaming. You can live without G-Sync, I've had 3 monitors, none of which had G-Sync, and I use a GTX 1060. Although I barely see screen-tearing to begin with.

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G-sync doesn't mean it's high refresh. Personally I would take 144hz panel over IPS any day

Look at LG 24GM77 see if it's reasonably priced in your location, tho I would recommend 1440p 144hz IPS/TN if you have the GPU to pair it with.

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