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asus z370/90 and aura sync headers


Hey there guys! Looking for some advice in picking a motherboard. My doubts are mostly centered around the various RGB headers found specifically in Asus boards and Aura Sync.


I'm currently using a self built desk PC mod, running a total of 8 Riing fans + 1 Pump LED, on 2 of the included Thermaltake controllers. I have already a 9 slot controler ready and waiting for the new motherboard, that supports Aura (among other syncs). So, 1 Aura header is already going to be taken by that controller. I also wanted to add some more Aura addressable LED strips to compliment the fan lighting, and have the lighting on these sync with the rest via Aura. These would need another synced header since the controller is already full (would also like to avoid chaining a 2nd controller)


Now as for the motherboard choices - I'm aiming for a z390 series, or possibly a maximus X. I was looking mostly at a ROG Strix z390-E, which lists "2x Aura Headers" and 1x "Aura Addressable Header". If I'm understanding correctly, all of these 3 headers would sync with each other? So I could plug the controller to one of the Aura Headers, then the strips to the Aura Addressable Header, and they would all be controllable / in sync with each other?

Might be a stupid question I know, I can normally pick my hardware alright, but its my first time syncing RGB and gee, are all the different headers and standards a pain... wish they'd just agree on an universal norm >.>


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