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Are Hyperx Cloud Flights or SS Arctis 7 (2019) better?


I'm torn between these two wireless headsets, i plan to mainly use them for pc, but I also have a ps4 and xbox I'd like to use them with too. I've heard the sound quality is very flat and bad on the arctis 7's but no one ever specifies if it's the 2019 or legacy version and the 2019 is supposed to have better sound quality. 


Mic quality isn't important to me as I have a usb mic for pc, but I want the best sounding and most versatile headphones, and i know the hyperx flights don't have a pc software so could you use the arctis software to match or better the hyperx quality, or do the flights just have better drivers all around? My main focus is explosions and footsteps in games, and good for listening to rock and rap music. 


Everywhere I look has different answers and no one specifies the arctis 7's version so I don't know what reviews are outdated when comparing them. I really want to pick a pair up for cyber Monday so it'd be great if someone could please help me! I am also dead set on wireless headphones and I'm upgrading from old wireless headphones, so please don't tell me to get wired. 

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