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iFixit & LTT Holiday Giveaway!


Enter our giveaway at https://gleam.io/te7Gy/ifixit-ltt-holiday-giveaway


Each giveaway winner will receive the four following products! :D 


1x iFixit Manta Driver Kit

$59.99 USD at www.ifixit.com/linus

  • iFixit's Manta kit has 112 steel bits
  • Comes complete with standard bits like Phillips and Flathead, but also torx, tri-point and game-bits as well
  • Includes not one, but two aluminum screwdriver handles - a hefty 1/4" drive for full-size applications and a smaller 4mm for precision work


1x iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
$59.99 USD at www.ifixit.com/linus

  • The iFixit pro tech toolkit is designed to help you tackle almost any electronics repair challenge 
  • Includes over 13 different tools, including
  • 64-steel screwdriver bit kit 
  • The Jimmy a steel flexible blade that allows for powerful prying
  • Small suction cup for removing glass panels from a phone or tablet 


1x Magnetic Project Mat

$19.99 USD at www.ifixit.com/linus

  • Simply organizes all your parts while you work on a device.
  • Dry erase surface lets you keep notes and stops mistakes.
  • Reduces reassembly time by up to 40% while preventing errors.


1x iFixit Fix the World Sticker 

$3.99 USD at www.ifixit.com/linus

  • This awesome 3″ Fix the World sticker shows the world that you’re a proud fixer.
  • It makes a perfect addition to any surface, but it's especially awesome when featured on the back of a recently repaired laptop




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