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aoc AG322QCX or Q3279VWF - monitor black friday




so things are like this. i bought a new pc a month ago and its ryzen 2600x with 1070ti. i had an old 23.5 inch fullhd monitor which i still use and i wanted a second monitor, preferably one 2k with 144 hz, but i realized that gsync monitors are too expensive for the moment, and that my card would probably struggle with 144 hz on 2k.

then i found this monitor for relatively cheap in my country - https://eu.aoc.com/en/products/q3279vwf/specs and i decided to go for it, since i would just use it on 2k and 75 hz, for some time, until i decided to go for a real monitor later down the road when i upgrade my gpu. also i need 2 monitors asap since one of my old ones broke and i would have this old 23.5 with this new aoc which i could get for 224E or 255$. and i would probably be really fine with it, since the size is great its 31.5 inch and those few extra hz wouldnt hurt. no gsync but whatever...


today i saw an offer for black friday in my local store for agon AG322QCX which is 50% off and has the price of 332E or 378$. and that monitor is a gaming beast, curved 2k with 144 hz and sadly freesync (but again, whatever...) this is a temporary monitor, or if down the road amd gets better cards id keep the monitor and get amd card.


so the question is, is it worth to dish out 108E or 123$ for agon? i think it might be... even though i dont have an amd card...

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