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Case fans never turn off


see this list for parts used



Hello everyone, been a while.  But I just did a build for a friend, just did an identical one to it a few weeks ago except used (2) m.2 drives instead of the setup seen in list and that build had no issues.


But anyway, build went fine, installed windows, installed storemi, installed updates, ran realbench for an hour no issues.  Restarted a few times no problem, but then I shut it down and case fans dim a bit but stay running...  I'll have to look closer when I get home to see how the fan controller works (this rosewill case comes with fan controller), but I don't believe it plugs into motherboard at all through usb or fan plug.  Takes molex for power, which is plugged straight into perif slot on EVGA supernova platinum PSU.  


When I shut down computer you hear the power supply click when it shuts down and cpu fan stops running.  But it seems like issue would have to be either with fan controller or power supply? Not gonna lie already didn't feel like doing this build was just doing it as a favor and with the holidays I really don't feel like troubleshooting.  I have an extra rosewill fan controller from last identical build we no longer needed once I swapped to corsair fans, but if anyone has any idea where I should start first would be much appreciated.


P.S. This font seems quite large, but its on default so I guess I'll leave it alone.

Sole Proprietor of Pinnacle Gaming, forging record breaking PCs at an unbeatable (literally) value feat: M2 drives, "delidded" cpus & gpus, record breaking speeds (hwbot), platinum PSU (always tier one),  premium motherboards, now with RGB LIGHTING, and all at a budget price, dare to compare even vs building yourself 

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