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PC getting BSOD, crashes, freezes


So I recently decided to start upgrading my old ass PC and I started by getting a new mobo, RAM and CPU. (Ryzen 1600x, MSI A320M Pro VD-PLUS and 8GB Kingston HyperX 2400mhz). I still have my old GPU and PSU. GPU is 7-8 years old GTX 570 and PSU is about 5-6 years old Chieftec CFT 650-14CS. Now I'd like to note that even before the upgrade, in the past couple months, I've occasionally gotten BSOD, but they were sparce and rare/random. 


So after upgrading after some time I started to get this weird lag and stutter while just browsing the PC. Everything was super slow, opening Chrome etc and it stuttered. Playing YouTube, the image didn't even move and the sound was like distorted. Restart sometimes clears it other times it starts again after a few minutes.I then decided to reinstall Windows (fresh new install), updated the BIOS, installed the AMD chipset drivers, nvidia drivers etc. So the PC worked mostly fine for 3-4 days, I played Overwatch/Destiny 2 and didn't have issues.(aside from PC freezing once while watching a 1080p TV show and then it shut down). After that I would get a BSOD or just a freeze and restart on random times. Doesn't matter if I'm in a game or just browsing the internet. I'll attach two minidumps I have from the two last crashes. 


The temps are all fine. CPU idles at 30c and while gaming it's around 48c. GPU is 68c while gaming.


Could this be a failing PSU? I did notice for the past few months the fan on it is making weird noises and spinning up and down sometimes just randomly.






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