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FTW ultra silent or gigabyte gaming 1070 ti for performance and thermals?


             I'm making a build and I don't know whether to pick the GTX 1070 ti Gigabyte gaming or the EVGA FTW ultra silent GTX 1070 ti.  I am not concerned about price since the Gigabyte gaming is $360 and the FTW ultra silent is $352.  I want to know which card has better thermals and performance.  I care more about performance unless there is a big difference in thermals.


             This is my planned rig


              .AMD ryzen 5 2600


              .Freezer 33 E-sports One


              .Aorus X470 gaming 5 wifi 


             .Gtx 1070 ti Gigabyte gaming or EVGA FTW ultra silent


             .Team 2x8 gb T-force rgb 


             .NZXT H500i black red


             .Seagate barracuda 1 tb


            .Thermaltake smart 600w 80+ white


 Btw if any of you know that I can use a lower wattage psu please tell me so I can make my build cheaper.  Right now my build is at $624 without the Gpu.

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