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New Build | Considering Monitor Options

In short, I want a great screen for professional photo/video editing that's under $500 if possible (willing to wait for sales) and am not sure where to start. 4k or 2k, VA or IPS, curved or not, I'm open and will explain more below.


I've had a decent box I built 5-6 years ago, got me through design school (lots of 3D modeling and rendering) and probably too many hours gaming but I'm in need of a new build. My largest concern lately has been of which monitors to get. I'm still using this BenQ I got on a great sale, which seems to do the trick as my primary screen for now, but reading around on the forum makes me think for the new build maybe I should have a dedicated screen for gaming and one for accuracy (photo/video editing). 


My current primary monitor: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014270


This is going to be a pricey build that I plan on piecing together over the next year. My current plan includes a thread ripper with the compatible motherboard (X399-A?), 1070 which I own for monitors, additional gpu's for rendering (still considering), and all the other necessities which aren't important for this topic. I game a fair amount and would prefer to continue to game on the same rig. From what I've read the hardware should have no issue performing for games, but it seems if you want a fast gaming monitor that is color accurate, or a monitor for production that's also fast, makes the price skyrocket.


What do you guys think would be good for monitor options (additional and possibly using the old one I have) and the idea of buying two decent monitors for different purposes over buying one crazy ultra monitor?

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