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adapting a corsair HG10 water cooling bracket fan to work on Asus Strix 1080ti


So I know this has been done by some people with a few modifications, but i'm kind of stumped.


The blower fan on the HG10 bracket is a mini gpu 4 pin.



The ROG 1080ti doesn't have anywhere to plug this in, as it has some custom 6pin connector to drive the 3 fans on it's cooler.

however it DOES have a 4pin connector that will fit (right next to the multicolored 6pin fan connector), but that one connects to the LEDs on the fan shroud for the ASUS Aura RGB lighting.  Will that even work? I'm thinking no.


So im contemplating either ordering a cable  (which will take forever to arrive as almost no one sells a 4pin male mini gpu to 4pin female PWM cable), or chopping off a connector from an old fan, chop off the connector on the corsair bracket, and soldering it all together, and plugging the corsair blower into one of the PWM headers on the GPU.


Can someone spot-check my logic and let me know if it will work?  while i know that PWM is 12v, I'm not absolutely positive the corsair fan is 12v. it might be 5v, as some mini gpu connectors are?




thanks in advance folks!



I'm not an expert! In fact I'm usually just 1 google search ahead of you. 

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