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Full W10 "laptop like" Tablet?



Sry I dont want to post in the Tablet Section because 99% have to do with the Android sshhtt. ?

I looking for an Outdoor Rugged Tablet who allow me to do everything like on a Notebook (beside of the fact the have no keyboard build in).

I have an (now) old Asus one who is ?. W8.1, 2GB Ram and Damn slow CPU and GPU. The worse thing no USB and when I watch a Video the Accu get drained even its puged in with the original Cable and Charger (!). And its impossible to turn the Display off. Insted the goes into an Hypernate Mode. That mean run the display and consume Power or nothing get recorded...

So i want a serious Tablet. Who allow me to Work outside. I will make an Blog about Public Transport who I need to write some Protocol and enter quick data.

For an Rugged Tablet it must be: Small, lightwith so I can carry arround my neck. USB Port

a Doc Port who allow me to Tab the USB Connection of and make my own adapter for.

LTE + "real" separated GNSS wo allow me receive NEMA Data (like the 10€ cheap Ublox one).


I know just the 2:


dell dosnt have any Tablet who is that small.
Does anyone other companys know to build full W10 Tablets with an long Accu Capacity?

From AT. :x

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