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Fetch TV android app on Android TV?

new to this part of the forums so i don't know the way it goes...

anyways, i'm thinking about getting a Android TV for my media consumption

namely Netflix, Stan, Plex, Crunchyroll, Anime Lab and Fetch TV.

those are the services that i am going to use....

thing is though that i have to use an Android TV for all of them as some don't have support for other devices (also i hate switching from one device to another) namely Crunchyroll and Anime Lab as they don't have support for Samsung TVs or other proprietary platforms other than Android TV....

but the fetch TV app doesn't officially support Android TV.

i have found a forum post on the overclockers forum saying it works (https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/android-tv-fetch-tv-app-win.1220697/)

but both and app and Android TV has gone though some changes since the post was created...

i just want to know if you guys have has success with it with more modern versions of android TV and the app, is there any problems and have you solved them and if so how?

i just don't want to add another device just for Crunchyroll and Anime Lab as that will just make my problem worse instead of solving it


also another question not related to this subject, has anyone gotten a optical disk drive working? so you can watch movies you haven't ripped on your Android TV, i can't find any evidence online that people have gotten this working even though there are apps on the play store that say they can do this...


*Insert Witty Signature here*

System Config: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/Tncs9N


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