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Will putting in another GPU fk up my monitors ?


Currntly letting my pc run for Folding@Home.
I am using a MSI RX 480 8G but i havee a Gigabyte 1060 3GB which i wont be using for a while.
So my question is:
Will my pc freak out if I put in the 1060 in the second PCIe slot?
Will my monitors still do their work normally?
Will my games try and run on the second GPU?
Maybe there is a way i can set the GPU to inactive or something, i have no idea?


It is such a power waste to use a whole other pc for that.

I am here to learn, please correct me if im wrong or you see me putting bs on your screen!

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Well the monitors won’t be attached to the card, so the monitors won’t care how many cards are in there. 

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Spare RIg Corsair Air 540, I7 4770K, Asus Maximus VI Extreme, G.Skill Ares 32Gb, EVGA 1080sc & 1060 SSC, Corsair CX850M, Acer GD235hz 1920x1080@120hz


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