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Help with replacing stock thermal paste in my GPU


Hello LTTians,

                       I own a GTX 760 which I ordered when it was initially released, for past couple of months I'm facing this issue. Whenever I play game at highest settings (which my GTX 760 can handle) it'll crash after sometime, if I turn on the air conditioner in my room it'll run without crashing in the highest setting, if I play without turning on AC, the game will keep on crashing until I lower the settings to 1080p low. My guess is the thermal paste would have gone bad, I'm planning to replace it with some after market good thermal paste/compound. Please suggest me some good thermal paste/compound from the below website list, thanks in advance.
The IT Depot

Amazon India

Arsenal of Hardware: Intel i7 6700k Processor | Asus Z170 Pro Gaming MB | Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16 GB 2400 MHz RAM | nVidia ZOTAC GeFore GTX 750 Ti 2GB (IK, I need to really upgrade this xD) | Phanteks P400S | 1*7500 RPM 2TB HDD WD Black (Have to really add an SSD for boot drive) | Seasonic M12II-850 Watt Bronze PSU | CoolerMaster Hyper 212x CPU Cooler | 24" 1080p BenQ GL2460 Monitor | Circle Gaming Keyboard Adroit X 7CLogitech G402 Gaming Mouse | HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset | Redgear Wireless Gamepad
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Basically just look for the paste you can afford with the highest W/mK.

Consider that a conductive paste will have higher W/mK but because it is conductive you have to be careful that you don't short out any electrical connections.

For non conductive paste expect something in the 4-12W/mK range

If you're interested in a product please download and read the manual first.

Don't forget to tag or quote in your reply if you want me to know you've answered or have another question.

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