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Headset for Meetings, Gaming(PC, PS4, Switch)


Hello Community,


I'm going to build a new system in the next months, since my "old"(4-5 years) system is just to complicated to upgrade.

For that I'll also be getting new peripherals, including a new headset. Currently using my old Asus Echelon headset(cushions are almost done for and the volume control has cable issues) and my beats studio wireless.


I don't really have a budget for them, if the price is right I'll pay it, but I have had trouble finding anything that fits my needs.

- Wireless and wired(preferably mic in both configurations)

- Decent sound if simply want to listen to music

- Good mic, I have lots of meetings so clarity is key

- I'd prefer them closed as well, since I work at night and music/meetings should not keep my partner from sleeping

- Solid build quality is a big bonus(metal materials etc)


I was thinking about getting some good headphones, a DAC and a mic, but that won't work with my PS4 or Switch. Just from a config perspective and a logistics perspective, the PS4 is in the living room.

I have enough cables lying around my desk for development work so removing a cable and going entirely wireless would be a nice option, the Echelon cable drives me crazy at times.


- The Astros don't have a wired option and moving them between rooms is not ideal as well. But their Mic and Audio is awesome, have to try a friends again

- The HyperX seem to be good headsets, but I did none stuck out to me as being overly premium(same for Turtle Beach)

- Logitech and Razer don't seem to be ideal

- I like Sennheiser, Steelseries and Corsair but not sure they have something that meets my need.


Seems like there is nothing really out there that would satisfy my needs, but maybe you guys have some ideas on this dilemma I'm in?

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I think V-moda Crossfade wireless fits the bill.


You can use V-moda boom mic for the cable. It's pretty expensive but it feels and sounds expensive

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I checked the V-moda briefly too, does it have a mike in wireless mode as well? 

EDIT: I realised that I checked the first crossfades and not the crossfade 2. I'll read up on them and see what I think.

Thanks for pointing me there.


A friend of mine is using the new Bose QC35s and loves them to pieces(I would have gotten bose years back, but the beats were on a crazy sale and right in my budget while bose was not. Did not regret getting them, but after hearing the QC3s, what a sound)

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