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Need some help choosing a new TV (US)


Hey guys, so I have a few links for TVs I am considering. I don't know too much about the TV world since I don't use one often, but my wife wants one so... 



I'll start off by saying my budget is closer to the $550 mark, but I'll exceed it if the TV is just a good deal for its worth. 

Secondly, I don't care about its built-in audio, I have a JBL 610 system. 

Third, this one is more of a question, does the refresh rate matter as much on a TV? Of course in gaming it gives you an edge over the enemy, but does it matter when you're watching a Christmas re-run for the 1000th time?


I am hoping someone here can also suggest anything they know that has a beautiful display. PLEASE HELP if you can. 


My criteria: 55-65" TV. (Yes I know my budget is pushing the 65" a bit too far so I'll probably cap at 60")


Curved is not necessary, neither is OLED (duhh it's way too expensive)

Wife demands (yes demands) only LG, Samsung, or Sony TVs

We don't care about voice commands. (Alex or Google Home)


I know Black Friday is coming up, but I'm not one to stand in line for 3 hours for a TV. Plus a lot of retailers are having good sales prior to the even this year. 


First one is a Samsung 55" 4k Smart TV. Refresh rate is 120Hz - $519.99



Second one is a Samsung 55" 4k Smart TV. 60Hz refresh. - $397.99



Third: Samsung 58" 4k Smart TV. 120Hz - $549.99



Fourth: LG 55" 4k Smart TV 60Hz IPS - $469.99



Fifth: LG 60" 4k Smart TV 120Hz $549.99



Sixth: LG 55" 4k Smart TV 60Hz IPS - $399.99



Thanks anyone for your patience and help. 

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Rtings is your friend for technical reviews of TV's. Also, almost zero TV's actually have a 120hz refresh rate. The ONLY one I know of is that Viewsonic one Linus tested which isn't even available anymore, so we will have to wait for the BFGD's to come out for real 120hz panels on "TV's." 


Why does your wife care so much about those brands? If you're going cheap I'd go with this. I highly doubt she'll be able to tell the difference. 

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use their search tool.

of the top of my head, samsungs MU/NU series tend to have good reviews on rtings though im sure there are other options if you dont prioritise gaming and pc uuage.

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