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Tightness of Cooler Screws


Alright so I have installed the stock cooler on my 2600x. First time installing a CPU and cooler. There are these washers that are not making any contact. Is this an issue? I can see the screws in the back plate and can lift this board up. I was concerned I over torqued it, but seeing these washers now has me puzzled. 


Additionally, I’m not installing an M2. Do I remove this plastic film. Manual says before installing. I’m not so I fear melting risk. Remove it?




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It won't melt. Heat from CPU socket isn't that intense. As for cooler, it's been long time since I have last installed AMD stock cooler. I haven't heard of overtightening issues with Ryzen. So screw them as tight as you can. If you see temps raising fast in BIOS already, then cooler isn't mounted properly.

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