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Z370 &RM750x issues... please help

Hi I have recently completed my PC build. 
i5 8600k
Z320F ASUS motherboard
Corsair vengeance 16GB RAM
Samsung evo 258gb SSD
Cooler master lite 120 liquid cooler

SMPS : i have used CX750 non modular for couple of days then replaced with RM750x

Issue: when i used CX750 my liquid cooler used to turn on even before pressing the power button.

Now after replacing CX750 with RM750x, aurasync is getting turned on even before pressing power button. I have kept it off through software. Once i press power button aura sync is getting turned off. With RM750x liquid cooler is turning on only after i press power on button.

Please tell me what is the expected behaviour, what i am getting is it proper or do I have any issue with motherboard.

Please tell what is orientation of fan, switch in RM750x. Weirdly my RM750x switch is operating in reverse compared to normal switches we see!!

Thanks in advance


Being a laptop user for long, I have very limited knowledge on motherboard cabling.

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