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Build advice and recommendations

1. Budget & Location

USD $2500 max

2. Aim

Gaming/Twitch Streaming FPS such as Call of Duty, Fallout, Battlefield, Red Dead 2 (hopefully one day)

3. Monitors

3 monitor setup, 1920x1080, 240Hz

4. Peripherals


5. Why are you upgrading?

Upgrading so I have the ability to stream games in better quality


I am looking for advice on this build. The PC will be used for Gaming on a 240Hz monitor at preferably, 120-240 fps, I have a second PC I will use for streaming the game. I went for something relatively cheap that will last me the next 5-7 years. I have already bought the processor and the RAM and MB go on sale Black Friday. I am fairly good with PC's but am seeking advice because I don't know everything about PCs. The only thing set in stone so far is the processor, everything else I am willing to change. I don't care for RGB, I'm indifferent about it.


1st Photo (i9-9900k) is a new Build, 2ndPhoto (i5-4460) is my current build


Thank you!


PC (2).PNG

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Looks good I guess.


Rest In Peace my old signature...                  September 11th 2018 ~ December 26th 2018

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