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Desktop lag with any 400 driver


So I can't use any of the 400 driver version from nvidia as I get a lot of stutters on desktop when watching videos (browser or local) or just taskmanager is open and the performance tab is displayed. However I can play video games just fine not stutter what so ever. The lag spike is nearly every 2 seconds and repeats for around 5 seconds.


For the past month I just stayed at the driver 398 which worked perfectly fine. But I have to update since Forza Horizon 4 requires it.


Already did the usual: Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. Uninstalling with ddu in safe mode. Maximum performance is selected in the control settings. Turned gsync of for testing.


Anyone with the same experience?


OS is W10 1803

If you find any grammar or spelling errors please fill out entry permit A38, thanks.

Greetings from germany

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