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Help Fitting Kraken G12 into my case.


Hey guys, 

I have about 40 mm of clearance on my GPU spot for the thickness of the card and cooler. That being said, I now need to try and make one of the AIO coolers work with the Kraken g12 in this space. Id prefer it to be RGB but the NZXT line is out because its thickness is like 50 mm. Im trying to find the thickness of the block on the Thermal Take Floe Riing 240 AIO seen here: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Premium-Efficiency-Radiator-CL-W157-PL12SW/dp/B074SD6LH3  

If this one ends up being too big. What is the thinnest RGB block that will work with a kraken g12? There arent a lot but maybe, just maybe, I can find one to work for my build. 

Thank you!


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