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Did I mess up? Dead CPU, maybe mobo too


So I work for a very small company that just purchased the parts for a new build. I had some free time so I assembled it, not necessarily my job but being somewhat tech savvy and with a couple previous builds under my belt (plus countless hours of LTT vids) I thought I'd help out.


Long story short the machine wouldn't post, I troubleshooted for a while and then tested the CPU in a known good machine (actually identical hardware) and the same issue happens. Power light flashes, fans spin for one second and then shutdown, no beeps. So I'm pretty sure the CPU is knackered, I would like to test the motherboard with a know good processor but I'm guessing it could be possible that the motherboard fried the CPU? Don't want to waste another one. Same goes for the PSU. I did try the system with a different PSU but no joy.


The boss that ordered the machine (a programmer with obviously more tech experience than me) is on holiday this week so I'll break the news to him Monday. I'm fully prepared to take the heat if I messed up, but I'd like to understand what the likelihood is that I caused this. Here's a few things I can think of that I did wrong.


  1. Static build up. I did ground myself a couple of times throughout the build but perhaps I should have been more stringent on this, like doing it every time I pick up a new component or moved around a lot? I try my best not to touch any electronic components at all (holding just the edges of the motherboard and CPU) but I don't know how effective that is against static.
  2. The first time I powered the machine on I hadn't realised I'd forgotten the CPU 12V power connector. So lights were on, fans were spinning but nothing on the screen. I probably attempted this 2 or 3 times for 1 minute or so before realising the connector was unplugged. Could this have caused any damage?
  3. Here's the doozy. When I was installing the motherboard into the case, I'd failed to realise one of the stand offs actually had a stud already installed (as opposed to a female thread). As I tried to line it up I guess that stud would have dragged across the back surface of the board, maybe around 1cm (1/2") and without much downward pressure. I've inspected that area on the back of the board and can't see any scratches or obviously damaged components.

So, what do you reckon, was this down to me? What's the likelihood of getting a dead on arrival CPU, Motherboard, PSU?


Being a small company it's not like we can just right this off and get new components, do you think I could try returning to Amazon as faulty?

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10 minutes ago, gingigingi said:

... Power light flashes, fans spin for one second and then shutdown, no beeps.....

Have you actually let this process alone for a while? Even if I just unplug all my cables my bios will do this twice before finally giving up and forcing me in to confirm the bios. So if you haven't let this process run itself through it may be all you need to do.


During my time I have done all the things you have mentioned and I have never had a problem. Although maybe I've just been lucky?

If you're interested in a product please download and read the manual first.

Don't forget to tag or quote in your reply if you want me to know you've answered or have another question.

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