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Website Monitoring Software


Is there any website monitoring software that can monitor Uptime, SSL Errors, etc...? Looking for free or self hosted




 Gaming PC: i5 3570, 16GB 1600MHz, GTX 780 3GB, Transcend 128GB, WD 500GB, Seagate 500GB, Thermaltake 600W Smart, S340 w/ RGB, Windows 10 Pro

 Server: Xeon E5 2650, 12GB 1600MHz ECC, 8400GS, WD 2TB + 1TB + 1TB, EVGA 500B 500W, Windows 10 Pro

 Laptop: Macbook Pro Retina 2013, i7 4558U, 8GB 1600MHz, Intel Iris Pro 1.5GB, Apple 256GB NVME, Mojave


 Internet: $70/month For 500/100, Actually get 525/102

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