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GPU breathing room in the NZXT H200


A while ago Jays2Cents did a video on this exact case for this exact question, but stopped short when I really wished he'd kept going.


He showed that the vent holes in the H200 psu shroud did help with airflow for normal cards. But stopped short saying basically we all know blowers suck so I'm not going to do the testin. He was going to use a founders edition blower card, which can suck. Instead of say an Asus Turbo, which are usually better made and quieter than reference designs.


I can't remember who or what the video was called, but it showed a blower card while slightly hotter, was better in terms of noise, at the same RPM as a normal card.


So my question is simple, while yes a blower CAN be louder, but in a case like the H200, is it better to use a good blower card that will take in all the air it needs, rather than a normal card that is partially blocked off, even if it it vented a bit by the PSU shroud.

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