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1080p vs 1440p


So I am interested in buying a monitor in the near future and I want cool people like you to help me out ?

I stream and play games and im not looking at the quality too much, more competitive gaming... From what I saw(for example in PUBG) is that on a 1440p resolution the game lags beacuse it is not optimized i guess(I have a 1080 O8G, 8700k,...). I want a monitor with G-Sync, prefferably IPS panel with 144hz or more refresh rate... The problem there is that I cannot find any 1080p monitors that would have g-sync and 144hz+... 


Question 1: From a performance side... Are games just not optimized for 1440p resolutions or was it just the case with PUBG?

Question 2: If I buy a 1440p monitor(example: Asus PG279Q) and downscale to 1080p, how bad would the quality be beacuse lower pixel density?

Question 3: People say that I should go with 1080p, but how different would it be to 1440p?


This whole post might make zero to no sense, but Im kind of lost on everything now so maybe someone can clear up my head about this...

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It's just PUBG.  If a game is optimized for 1080p, it's for 1440p as well.  Resolution doesn't change the way the GP/CPU and game engine work together, just brings more pixels in.


1080p on a 27" isn't bad, so 1080p downscaled on a 1440p 27" monitor will be fine.  


1440p does look better as you increase monitor size.  For 27, you're in the gray area, IMO.  You can go either way, I've had a 1080p 27" monitor that was great and now I'm on a 1400p 35" UW that is basically 27" equivalent top to bottom.  


My opinion is go look at 27" monitors at a store.  You may not really need IPS for gaming, it was first touted for designers for color accuracy and viewing angles.  TN and VA can look nearly as good, and definitely good enough for gaming.  


Your 1080 and 8700K can push a 1440p 16:9 or a 1440p UW, my preference is UW.  More real estate, better peripheral views, etc.  

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Other Tech:

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