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Semi-professional monitor quest


Heya people, long-term mac user here. 


I've recently decided to build a computer after years of blissful hardware ignorance using a mac. I've pretty much decided the build but I'm completely lost when it comes to monitors. After an extensive research I'm not sure I'm any wiser on the matter, so I decided to register and ask (cry) for help.

Basically I'm looking for something along these lines:



900$ max. budget.
Color accurate
Wide color gamut (100% sRGB required, 99% Adobe RGB ideal)
Reliable: No noticeable backlight bleed, shadowing, color shifting, etc.


Ideal features:
High pixel density
Quality customer service



Out of the question/Not necessary:


My aim is to use it for the seldom gaming session as well but mostly I'll need to use it for work (graphic/audiovisual). I've looked extensively into Ultrawides but, being used to retina screens, I'm concerned the pixel density will be an unseeable issue, have you guys experienced a jarring transition of sorts in similar cases?


I'm also worried about backlight problems and similar issues, most of the product reviews I've seen so far always have a non-negligible number of people complaining about back light or dead pixel problems so I'm curious about your experience with both products and brands.


Does anyone know or can recommend a reliable ideally-sub-900$ quality monitor within the listed parameters? 




(Edit) These are the ones I found to be more appealing, although the only wide-gamut display is too expensive for my liking:



  • 630$ LG 27UK850-W 27" 4K UHD IPS 60Hz sRGB 99%
  • 1000$ BenQ 27" 4K Photographer Monitor SW271 IPS (3840x2160), HDR, 99% Adobe RGB



  • 549$ LG 34UC80-B 34” (3440 X 1440) IPS 60-75Hz Freesync sRGB 99%
  • 638$ Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34” (3440x1440) IPS 60Hz No-FreeSync sRGB 99%
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