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Windows 10 takes forever to check for updates and store app updates


I recently formatted my PC with Windows 10 April Update (Official ISO from MS website) and after installing it (Clean install with all drives/ssds formatted):

-It takes 30 minutes just to verify my key and activate Windows after going to desktop

-When i open the Store app it takes FOREVER to load (The loading cycle for 15 minutes+)

-When i check for updates in the Store, before they start downloading it says "Acquiring License" for like, 15 minutes PER APP

-Windows Update says "Checking for updates..." and it doesn't download anything


I went to speedtest.net and my WiFi was working perfectly fine and i was getting 23+Mbps/8 Ping (Which is normal)

I tried to clear CMOS and REINSTALL Windows 10 again but i get the same exact problem!

I also tried to download and install Windows 10 October Update and AGAIN THE SAME THING!


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