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Event 41 Task 63 (No BSOD Reboot while gaming)


Hello guys
So recently I was away for about 3 days and before this three days, my PC was working completely fine and I was not having this issue.

Before I start here is my PC specs
Intel Core i5 6500
XFX RX460 2GB Single Fan
1x 8GB DDR4 Avexir Core 2400MHZ
MSI B150M Bazooka MOBO
Corsair VS550W PSU
Windows 10

Recently I installed Destiny 2 and when I started to play it, my PC would automatically reboot with no blue screen. I then tried out other games such as BeamNG.drive and it also happens on that game as soon as I load in. Now it also crashes whenever I join a match in CSGO
I did a memory test through window's memory checker tool (forgot the name) and there was no issues. I also swapped my RAM out for new ram and also changed slots for my new RAM and my Current RAM. I did a clean install on my video driver and it didnt fix it also. Other than that, I also unplugged all my mouse, keyboard and microphone USB from the motherboard and ran Destiny 2. It still rebooted. I checked my temperatures and they looked fine. They were under 60 degrees celcius for both my CPU and GPU.

I was on another forum and was told to do logging through HWInfo while playing a game. Here are few of the logs. My PC rebooted during these two logs.


Thanks alot for everyones help in advanced and ill try to respond as soon as I can!

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