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May need connectivity assistance (Valve's Steam Controller)

Hello guys! Hope all has been well, haven't been on the site for quite sometime, just have a lot going on and really don't want to think about 
it, and just move alone going back into gaming  on  both sides of the world (PC|Console)  Mainly the PC scene, its been sitting up for a while
it's my latest build but anyway Do any of you guys by chance own a Steam Controller? i own the Steam Link (older version) as bundled package 
without "any game" which was fine,  ecstatic as hell when i powered on my Link and paired the controller, this is one of the problems i am having.

It does Steam Link fine, i like the controller so much for all my elder scrolls steam games, and love it along with 
having the community partake into helping making it bigger than what it is now. And love it's solid, just have to get used to it
just like we all did, changing consoles from childhood to adulthood, and both evolving together, now i unplug my Steam Link
take the USB drive plug  it into the back of my Computer or plugged into my keyboard, turn on the controller, greeting you 
as you would turn the controller on, then the home button, flashed slow then mega fast like it was having a heart attack.. 
Then keep plugging the USB drive, or restart and same issue would i have to pair it to my gaming selfbuilt pc?
Because samething happening over and over and pretty annoying it has to be some kind of way to pair the
usb drive for connectivity. Only way i can some what have this work, is take the usb cable plug the controller via USB powered
The USB drive that comes with the controller that's but has to be remained plugged, i plan on getting two and longer cables.
The USB cable that ships with it, i know it's a micro usb cable, cant really tell, if i need USB type A or B ? i share this cable 
with my XBOX One controller, bad thing is the plug doesn't stay in.and game pad gets disconnected (XBOX ONE pad) 
Not trying to sound like some hotshot or something, but i don't participate on forums, i used to many years ago, you ask
question and respond in a very rude manner, and degrading hardware the thread starter feel less than a human being. 
But that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is you go way out the way to be kind and respectful and just so rude also
the worst Grammar/Spelling Nazi's pretty pointless doesn't just because of a simple mistake spelling "GAME" 
"GAEM" etc but its just ridiculous. I apologize for ranting. 

Thanks in advance guys!

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