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Sennheiser Game One vs. HD58x

I am wanting to know if anyone has experience with both the Sennheiser Game One and the Sennheiser (Massdrop) HD58x. I currently have the Game One's but I have been thinking of upgrading to a dedicated headphone, the HD58x, and then getting a mod mic 5 to go with them. My question is, will I even notice a difference in sound signature, sound space, bass, mids, highs, etc. by upgrading to the HD58x or is the Game One just as good when it comes to the audio for gaming purposes? My guess would be yes but I don’t know. I do listen to music occasionally but I am strictly talking for gaming purposes only here. I do currently have my Game One's plugged into my Asus Prime Z370-A mobo and I feel it powers them really well. I will also occasionally plug them into an Astro Mixamp if I want a little bit of surround sound with custom EQ settings. Any help on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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