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i7 2600k overclocking potential?


I am thinking of swapping out my 3570K@4.3ghz for an i7 2600k, I can get it for around £30 and I think that's a reasonable price for the bump in multicore performance provided I can overclock it to at least 4.5ghz. I realise that the Silicon Lottery plays a part in determining overclocks, but I was hoping to find out what other's had achieved and what core speed, voltage and cooler was used.


I currently have a Noctua NH-U14S which is keeping my i5 under 70 degrees with 60% fan speed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You ?

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I've been able to hit 4.5ghz with my 2600k on a Noctua NH-U12S quite easily. (iirc i was able to hit up to 4,8 but voltages and temperatures were quite insane)

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21 minutes ago, Reubenno said:


i had 2, 1 needed 1.4v to hit 4.4ghz, the other hit 4.8

5950x 1.33v 5.05 4.5 88C 195w ll R20 12k ll drp4 ll x570 dark hero ll gskill 4x8gb 3666 14-14-14-32-320-24-2T (zen trfc)  1.45v 45C 1.15v soc ll evga non-3090 tie ftw3 1905 0.8v 65C 270w (double fps of 1080ti) ll samsung 970 500gb nvme os ll sandisk 4tb ssd ll all nf12/14 fans ll tt gt10 case ll evga g2 1300w ll w10 pro ll 34GN850B ll x27 ll PA272w


9900k 1.36v 5.1avx 4.9ring 85C 195w (daily) 1.02v 4.3ghz 80w 50C R20 temps score=5500 ll D15 ll Z390 taichi ult 1.60 bios ll gskill 4x8gb 14-14-14-30-280-20 ddr3666  bdie 1.45v 45C 1.22sa/1.18 io  ll EVGA non-30 tie XC 1830//7600 0.85v 210w ll  8x nf12/14 fans 2x samsung 860 evo 500gb raid 0 ll 500gb nvme 970 evo ll Corsair graphite 780T ll EVGA P2 1200w ll Windows 10 Pro ll NEC PA242w (movie, work mon dying) 1080p 60hzll Predator X27 4k144 hdr (using at 4:4:4 98 fan is dying)



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