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Undervolting iGPU-Intel HD620- i5 7200u


Im kinda new to this tweaking with hardware stuff, and im looking for some advice!

Because termal, current and power limit reasons i recently undervolted my cpu an intel i5 7200u. Managed a nice and stable -0,100mV but currently only running at -0,90mV just so i have some stability headroom. The termal and current limits are completely gone, but even now sometimes with non demanding tasks, browsing etc i still get power limited. Not to mention when i game, using cpu and igpu, (no need for my dgpu) im almost constantly experiencing power limits, and probably thats why i have fps drops.


Id like to ask some questions.

If -0.105mV on the cpu is not stable is it okay to run at the last stable -0.100mV, or should i leave some headroom? I might go with -0.95mV just to reduce the potential reasons to power limit.

I've tried to undervolt my iGPU as well. So upon further testing, -0,30mv seems stable, yet the igpu stuck in p2 stage at 300mhz, even though right after undervolting it was correctly boosting up to 1 ghz. What gives? (This has happened at -0,20mV too but i thought XTU was acting up, so after resetting everything then applying the undervolt again, everything seemed fine so i went for the -0,30mV)


If i manage to undervolt and keep the P3 state on the iGPU my further questions:

What is the usual limits for iGPU undervolts with this igpu? Just so i know how much i can undervolt.

Also what happens if i undervolt too much? It was pretty obvious that if i undervolt the cpu too much the system just flat out crashes, but whats up with the igpu? Do i lose just the display and i have to hard reset the pc or it will BSOD too, or it will get some artifacts? Or i shoulndt even try to undervolt the iGPU?


Edit:It might be when the display goes black, to save power, when i wake up the system, it wont go into p3 at 1ghz. Not sure though, but i need to restart my laptop in order to be able to use my igpu to its fullest potential.

Edit2:Okay seems like ive figured out why it doesnt boosts up to 1ghz. Whenever windows turns off the display for power draw reasons(you are idle for x minutes) after waking up the system, it wont boost up. But if i put the system into sleep mode, then wake it up, everything is fine. Is there a way to solve this, other than turning off the "turn off the display after x minutes"?


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