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Need help troubleshooting random system freezes (w/o BSOD)

Wizzard of light

Hello LTT community,
I have a particular problem with my build... Every now and then the computer just completely freezes without BSOD. If I listen to music a buzzing sound occurs (same tone as would be the next sound in the music). Sometimes it doesn't happen for weeks, sometimes I have it daily and because of this randomness I can't replicate it. I can run stress test tools on the CPU and GPU for hours and hours without the system freezing. Memtest and chkdsk wont return any errors either. It is an air cooled system, so the CPU/GPU temps are under load in the mid-low 70°C, therefore I don't think that the temps are the causing issue. The only thing I can say about the freezes would be, it never happens on idle. The system needs to be under some kind of load. Usually happens when I play games like Overwatch, or when I stream... 

Firmware updates of the main board didn't help either.

While I mainly use Win10 it also happened under Ubuntu...

Now I could just replace everything and GG, but right now I only have a limited budget so I can only afford to replace the problem causing part.

Any idea what I could still try to identify or 100% replicate the freezes I'd be very happy...






MB: ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger

CPU: i7-6700K @4GHz (Turbos to 4.2GHz)


GPU: GTX 980

PSU: 630W


CPU-Z stats see the attachment


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