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Samsung s9 vs Oneplus 6t


If you want a headphone port and no notch, go with the S9, if not, I would go withthe Oneplus 6T. The performance is similar and same with the cameras but the Oneplus is cheaper.

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Oneplus 6t:

- Better Battery Life for sure. Even better than S9+.

- Maybe better ueser experience.  Performance is much better, it has 50% or even 100% more Ram. But this also depends on which software features you want. OxygenOS does have alot tho. Wait untill tomorrow, then i will get my 6t, and upgrade from my S7 Edge. I do enjoy alot of S7 (Edge) Features, and i can tell you then, if i miss anything alot. A few days/weeks later, if i still miss it.

- In screen fingerprint reader. Not the fastest, but it's a nice step forward into the future. If you're into that kind of thing. I personally prefer Front sensor over Back, and don't like back at all (and never had one, but i unlock it alot when it sits on the Table)

- Great Custom Rom support, easy to unlock for root, Custom Roms without any hinderance (like missing source codes for CPU etc).

- Faster Charge.

- MUCH better Update support. My 2016 S7 Edge got Oreo update in end of May 2018. The also 2016 Oneplus 3/3t got Oreo update end of November 2017. That's a difference of 6 Months.

Also, 3/3t will get Android 9 Pie update. My S7 Edge will definitely NOT. ---> There is a chance, Oneplus 6t will get 1 more Major update compared to the Galaxy S9.#

- Does not tend to get slower/laggy after 1.5-2 years~ like many other Samsungs.. I have it on my S7 Edge, many others notice something simliar, even reviewers on their S8 already.

- Alert Slider - something every Android phone should copy from Apple, and say thank you for this great Idea. Instead, you need to tap on the screen like 5 times to silence your phone + silence media volume extra.



- No Notch, despite having a great screen to body ratio (6t has a very minimal notch tho)

- Better Display, with better Resolution (Out of the box it's set to 1080p, you need to rise that up to 1440p)

- SD Slot expansion (however, base 6t model starts at 128gb, and for 80€ more there is a 256gb Variant. That should be enough

- Official IP68 Rating

- Qi Charging

- USB C with 3.1 Speed, instead only 2.0 (but how often do you transfer data?)

- Stereo Speakers

- Headphone Jack.

(- Heart Rate Sensor...? If anyone ever uses that lol)

- MUCH more known in western countries, which also means, many Samsung certified Repair shops. I say this, because i will gift my S7 Edge to my Girlfriend, and before that, i will go to such a repair shop, and let them replace the Battery for 49€.



Overall... the S9 does have a better specsheet, but i would honestly MUCH rather go up to the S9+. 6gb Ram instead 4 makes a huge difference for heavy usage, bigger screen (similar to 6t), bigger battery, second Rear Camera. 9+ is the competitor of the Oneplus 6t, because both have a similar Size.


However, the main difference is the User experience / Software experience. A fully loaded, but still underrated Samsung UI, that tend to get a bit slower over time, gives a much faster, snappier experience.

Short: Oneplus 6t has better performance.

S9/S9+ have probably more "features" and specs, but also slower updates.


It all depends what you expenct, and where your priorities are.


Are you a Heavy user / Power user? You will probably be Happier with the Oneplus 6t.

Otherwise, you can also be happy with the S9. My S7 Edge was with me for longer than any other smartphone EVER was. It was always relialable, everything worked, even when updates came super slow, and it still does the job fine - if you ignore the sometimes laggyness (when it launched, it ran like Hell. Even with a Factory Reset i can't get this speed back somehow. But the comparison is a long time ago, maybe just palcebo.

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