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No mans sky is a watered down "X" game like "X3: Terran Conflict"


I've been searching for a relaxing game to play and no mans sky kept popping up on my google searches, so I decided to try it out. It still runs like shit, but it's passible. (Some planets give me 40ish FPS with a 1060 at 1080p)


So I mined stuff for a while, then sold stuff, found some ships, etc. (Pretty much the same as starting out in X3, mine asteroids, find abandoned ships, do some trading.) Then I had a few million credits, I started trading, and now I have 10s of millions of credits. 


Then I realized...


No mans sky is just an open world version of an X game. In an X game you can visit planets to do trading, or you can visit space stations. In no mans sky you can hunt bad guys for profit, as you can in X. In no mans sky to do trading you need to figure out good trade routes, as is the same in X. You want to have a big ship to do trading, as you do in X. The ONLY difference is that with no mans sky you can walk around on the planets to mine/explore things yourself, and no mans sky is MUCH more simple. Much... much more simple. 


The less important differences are this: No mans sky does the language thing. It's... meh, I don't see any reason to go out of my way to collect the languages. You get the paraphrased version (in your language) after they speak anyway.You can't create your own space stations in no mans sky, but you can do that in X3. 


Lastly, I usually find the X games much more... polished than no mans sky. I've never really had control issues with the x games, but no mans sky is a control nightmare. 


No man's sky is the casual version of an X game. That's my final verdict.  

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